With more than 30 years in business, we are the best and most innovative money service business in Malaysia, enabling both individual and business customers to exchange and transfer anytime anywhere.

MaxMoney is the first Malaysian company to obtain a full-fledged Money Service Business (MSB) License, regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia.

We cover more than 100 foreign currencies, catering to 190 countries across the continents. No matter which currency they choose, our customers will always enjoy superior best rates.We’re passionate in innovating and marketing services that are not only efficient, but always at the best rates. For our business customers, our integrated solutions compels proposition which drives them to enhance their business goals.

Our license covers the business:
  • Money Exchange
  • Money Transfer ( Remittance)
  • Wholesale Banknotes ( Import & Export)
  • Appoint agents for Money Exchange and Money Transfer ( Remittance)

The Leading Remittance Company In Malaysia


Awards and accolades

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