Wholesale Banknotes

We are one of the largest stockists of foreign currency banknotes for money service businesses in the country

Have you ever wondered where money changers get all their bank notes from?

And how they make enough profit to keep their business alive even though all they do is exchange currencies day in and day out? The answer is simple. They pay a cheaper price for their bank notes, simply by buying from MaxMoney.

At MaxMoney, we have extensive experience trading over 100 distinctive banknotes in more than 190 countries. We have built close relationships with leading money service suppliers, banks and security partners to ensure that our currency is quickly and securely delivered to our customers.

We are responsible of ensuring Malaysia has enough supply of foreign currencies and physical banknotes to cater to the ongoing large supply and demand. We hold a privileged license to import/export banknotes from all over the world.

How exactly does buying and selling money work?

Just think of it as any other product that you can purchase in bulk. The more you buy, the lower the price we offer!

Send in your enquiries today, and we assure you we’ll get you the best rate, always.