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You can check the latest & updated counter rates at https://www.maxmoney.com/my/rates . If you are looking for online money transfer or online money exchange rates, please click here https://www.maxmoney.com/my/
Country Cash Pickup Bank Deposit
Indonesia BNI, PT Pos & Alfa Mart All Banks in Indonesia
Bangladesh Dutch Bank, Uttara Bank, NCC Bank, Krishi Bank, Rupali Bank, Pubali Bank, Premier Bank and Prime Bank All Banks in Bangladesh
India All branches of Muthoot Finance All Banks in India
Vietnam All branches of Donga Bank/ Vietnam Bank/ Agri bank All Banks in Vietnam
Nepal Anywhere All Banks in Nepal
Pakistan All branches of MCB, UBL All Banks in Pakistan
Philippines All branches of Cebuana Lhuillier All Banks in Philippines
Thailand - All Banks in Thailand
Singapore - All Banks in Singapore
Australia - All Banks in Australia
Hong Kong - All Banks in Hong Kong
New Zealand - All Banks in New Zealand
Country Account Deposit (RM) Cash Pickup (RM)
Singapore 25 NA
Bangladesh 10 10
India 12 12
Philippines 12 12
Indonesia 10 10
Nepal 12 12
Vietnam 13 13
Thailand 15 NA
Australia 20 NA
Hong Kong 20 NA
New Zealand 20 NA
Pakistan Free
1-800 15
>= 801 Free
Country Time (Working Day) Cash Pickup Account Deposit
Singapore Before 6pm NA Next business day
Bangladesh Before 6pm 5 minutes to next business day Next business day
India Before 6pm 5 minutes to next business day Sameday to next business day
Philippines Before 6pm 5 minutes to next business day Next business day
Indonesia Before 6pm 5 minutes to next business day Immediate to next business day
Nepal Before 6pm 5 minutes to next business day Sameday to 3 days
Vietnam Before 6pm 5 minutes to next business day Next business day
Thailand Before 6pm NA Next business day/3 business days **
Pakistan Before 6pm 5 minutes to next business day Sameday to next business day
Australia Before 6pm NA Next business day
Hong Kong Before 6pm NA Next business day
New Zealand Before 6pm NA Next business day
*Notes: In the event of incorrect beneficiary details or unavoidable circumstances service could be delayed
** Estimed Settlement Day(s) vary between banks in Thailand. Pay-outs to Bangkok Bank are next business days; pay-outs to all other Thailand beneficiary banks are 3 business days.
Cash Pick up is a payment that your recipient can collect as physical cash from a support location.
You can transact up to a maximum amount of RM50,000 (per day) however it also depends on the ATM withdrawal limit on your bank account.
You can send money through our branch offices. You can get the branch list from https://www.maxmoney.com/my/contact#branches or you could transfer online at https://www.maxmoney.com/my/app/money-transfer-rate
MaxMoney is the first Malaysian company to obtain a full-fledged Money Service Business (MSB) License, regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia. We cover more than 100 foreign currencies, catering to 190 countries across the continents. Go to BNM website
KYC stands for "Know-Your-Customer". Since we are dealing with money this is a verification process to confirm the customers identity before they can use our services.
Please check your bank account to confirm the debited amount. If you notice any discrepancies, kindly call or whatsapp +6018 371 8000 You could also email to hello@maxmoney.com with order ID and the correct amount for us to proceed with next course of action.
Passport is needed and required to send overseas. However, if customer doesn’t have Passport they can also bring/show their “Home Country ID” or “Government Photo ID”.
  1. Go to https://www.maxmoney.com/my/ and log in.
  2. Click Setting button.
  3. Click "My Beneficiary" tab.
  4. Click "Add Beneficiary" tab.
  5. Fill in beneficiary information and save it.
Yes. Cancellation can be done only if the transaction has not been paid or credited into the recipient's bank account. Kindly contact our Customer Service for cancellation request.
Please go to:
  1. Go to https://www.maxmoney.com/my/.
  2. Click Login.
  3. Click Forgot Password.
  4. Enter username or Email Address.
  5. Within 1 minute you will receive a link to reset password through email and sms.
  6. Click on the link and key in your new password.
Step 1 - Login
  1. Login to https://www.maxmoney.com/my/.
  2. Click the sign up button.
Step 2 - Customer Info
  1. Key in account type
  2. Key in Customer full name according to NRIC/Passport
  3. Key in Email address (which in use currently by customer
  4. Key in Mobile Number
Step 3 - Account Info
  1. Key in NRIC/Passport
  2. Key in Nationality
Step 4 - Contact Info
  1. Key in address, state, postal code, city
  2. Click button Continue to proceed with Registration
  3. Our Customer Representative will be in touch with you shortly to verify the details
  4. After confirming your details, we will assign KYC Officer to perform face to face verification
  5. Upon approval you will receive an email and sms with your login credentials
We accept the following original documents for the KYC verification.
  • For Malaysians: National identification card (MyKad).
  • For Non Malaysians: Passport, I-Kad, national photo ID (Example : Driving license.
Please email your request with details at hello@maxmoney.com
  • Branch - You can pay cash or you can pay using debit card
  • Online - You can pay using Internet Banking
At the moment, we can only accept payment by cash, debit card or online banking.
Customer can call/whatsapp +6 018 371 8000 or email us at hello@maxmoney.com with the following details.
  • Customer Name, Phone Number, Email address
  • Date of Transaction
  • Details of Transaction such as Money Exchange/Money Transfer, Order ID, Amount, Currency
  • Reason for cancellation/refund
Once the transaction has been cancelled, a refund usually takes a maximum of 2 working days for the money to be credited back to you.